Macedonia Music Ministry


The Music Ministry of Macedonia New Life Church upholds the vision of the Pastor, as given by God, and the mission of the church by being an example of Godly living and a source of encouragement and support through music, worship, and praise.

Being a Disciple of the Music Ministry Means…

...I am a member of the Macedonia New Life Church family seeking to observe the goals described in the “5-Step Strategy” that will enable me to fulfill this mission and L.I.G.H.T. the way to Christ.

L.I.G.H.T. (Live, Invest, Give, Help, Take)

...I am willing to attend all rehearsals

...I am willing to commit to being on time for rehearsals

...I will study the music outside of rehearsals because being in the music ministry is a lifestyle

...I will be receptive to the music being taught

...I will be a willing participant in worship and praise

...I will be obedient to leadership

...I will notify the Minister of Music when I cannot attend a rehearsal or worship service

...I treat each opportunity when I fellowship within the music ministry as a worship opportunity

...I will submit thoughtful suggestions as I am led by the Holy Spirit

Who Are WE

The Macedonia New Life Church Music Ministry is comprised of an assembly of choral groups:

Adult Praise Team
The Adult Praise Team sets the atmosphere for worship each 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sunday. Worshippers ages 18+ who are strong song leaders recommended by the Minister of Music to the Pastor may participate.

Youth Praise Team
The Youth Praise Team sets the atmosphere for worship each 3rd Sunday. Mature worshippers up to age 17 who are strong song leaders recommended by the Minister of Music to the Pastor may participate.

Youth Choirs (Minor Melody & Chosen Generation)
The Youth Choirs of the church are made up of two groups who minister in song each 3rd Sunday. Minor Melody is a group of energetic singers ages 5-12 and Chosen Generation is a group of talented singers ages 13-17.

Male Choir (Mighty Majestic Men)
The Mighty Majestic Men of Macedonia are a group of committed, faithful males of valor who don't mind worshipping and praising God with a spirit of excellence. This male choir ministers through music each 2nd Sunday. Males ages 8+ are invited to participate.

Mass Choir
The Mass Choir is comprised of all the individual singing groups of the church. All ages are welcome. Disciples who participate outside the age guidelines have been designated assisters for those particular ensembles.

The Music Council is a group of dedicated disciples who serve at the pleasure of the church body to assist the Minister of Music as requested. The MNLC Band includes all musicians who support all the ensembles of the church. Musicians are required to attend all rehearsals, in-house worship services, and extended ministry opportunities.

Joining the Music Ministry
Interest in joining the music ministry should be communicated to the Minister of Music. The disciple will attend a scheduled meeting with the Minister of Music to receive and review The Minstrel's Handbook, and submit contact information to be added to the distribution list. If you have questions or need more information click the join us link below!

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